Curious Cooks: Oodles of Noodles

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40 Romer Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570, USA
Sep 16 2019
Nov 25 2019
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Class dates

09/16/2019, 09/23/2019, 10/07/2019, 10/21/2019, 10/28/2019, 11/04/2019, 11/18/2019, 11/25/2019


In just about every cuisine in the world, there is some form of noodle. They are made from many different ingredients including rice, wheat, seaweed, beans and more. In this class, you’ll learn about the types of noodles people eat all around the world and we’ll prepare some simple dishes for each kind. You’ll know a lot more about noodles, where they come from, who eats what kind, and all the ways you can combine them with various ingredients to create delicious dishes of your own. Safety and hygiene are taught along with a cultural appreciation for noodles.  Recipes from each class are sent home for family preparation.


Participants must currently be in grades 5 to 8.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 8

Maximum: 12

Registration period

Registration starts on 08/10/2019 and ends on 09/20/2019.


40 Romer Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570, USA
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